photo(1)The Bardigiano is based on ancient stock.  The Bardigiano is most likely related to the Abellinum, which is a horse breed of Roman times.  The Bardigiano originated in the Northern Appenine region of Italy.  The Bardigiano has quite a bit in common with the Haflinger and the Avelignese.

During WWI and WWII, Bardigiano mares were used to produce first class mules.  Bardigiano ponies are attractive looking ponies, and as most mountain ponies, they are useable, tough, enduring, and very sure footed.

The Bardigiano would be great for trekking, or for a children’s pony due to their very good, quiet temperaments.  They can also be used for farm work due to their large frame and build.

The Bardigiano have fine “pony” heads with small, pricked ears.  They are exceedingly muscular in the neck, which is thick and arched.  Their backs are fairly short, with a large, round barrel and hindquarters.  They have short but strong legs, along with hard hooves.  The Bardigiano is mostly bay, but can be brown or black, and reach a top height of 13 hands high.

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